Friday, November 26, 2010

Really Double Standard

My job is to collect student's fees. Fees can be collected in form of cash or cheque.

For the past few days, I have been collecting one of the degree courses fees. For fees above RM500, the college can only except cheque or banker's cheque.

This one particular student, she came yesterday to pay up her outstanding fees. Her fees was RM800 plus. She came and gave me cash and I told her I can't accept. She ubderstood and she told me she has spoken to my supervisor about this.

I then accepted her payment in cash.

This particular student was my ex-marketing manager. I realized that over here my college is practising double standard.

Just because she was one of our staff before, doesn't mean she can use her authoratative figure to overwrite our rules and regulations.

I hate this type of practise.

Ps. Will you or do your company practise double standard?


Birthmark said...

Mine does. But settled.

I've specifically mentioned "double standard practiced" in the mails before I spoke to my direct bosses 'bout it.

For that, I was given a nickname. In a good way of course. ;)

I'm not sure about you, but I voice out things which are not right.

Maybe it's the industry I'm in.

suituapui said...

I guess that's bad...but for students from East Malaysia, when they report at the unis...they will insist that they buy bank drafts from those Islamic banks - but they do not have branches here. Have to go a few days earlier (Thursday or Friday) if reporting is on Monday to go to a branch there to buy...and have to spend extra on hotel and what not.

When my daughter went to report in SP (Kedah), we went on a Saturday as we thought banks open there on Sundays - unfortunately no...only govt offices, so we could not buy. Such cases...perhaps, special consideration is in order.

AngelineBK said...

Mine side also got! Alasan: Got better relationship

sexy jessie said...

Birthmark:Can't voice out my dilema though, my supervisor was her good friend, so....

Situapui:Consideration because she was one of my staff? How can that be?

Angeline:Yalah, so called better relationship.

chubskulit said...

Hmmmm, I dunno about that because back when I was still working in school, we preferred cash payment over check hehehe.

Thank you for being one of my top commenter on Nostlagic Marveling Blog for the month of November.

Mom Daughter Style said...

I would say mine does, there are special cases where we do things differently than normal. And sometimes, a new rule is made just for a specific case.

As Birthmark says, maybe it's also the industry I am in.

imriz said...

i guess, for every rule there's always an exception...and who knows, this exception were the very same people who does the rules and wanted to break it...