Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy b'day to me

It's 12.49am, 21st Nov and I should be in bed by now. I need to post this entry before turning in.

Today is my birthday, though it's not officially yet. I was born at 4.50pm, another 14 hrs.

My loving boyfriend drove 40 minutes from Kulim to celebrate with me even though his car have some mechanical problem. How sweet he was! I thought he came empty handed but he surprised me with 3 pcs of Punjabi blouses.

2 for me and one for my sister, he thought of my sister. We share the same b'day as both of us are twins. And these blouses fit me perfectly. Aaaawwww, how double sweet he was!

We then went for a lovely dinner at Penang Old Town White Coffee. Even though, the dishes ordered are just simple with his presence and time spent just make extra swwweeeet.

Tomorrow, there won't be any continuous celebration. (I sincerely do hope so). After church, there will be a departmental meeting and some ministry training. Will take most of the afternoon. :(

After that, it's home for a short nap.

However, I still long a little piece of a chocolate cheese cake. :)

Ps. Please keep those wishes coming. Continue to make my day special.


AngelineBK said...

Jess: Happy birthday to you,best wishes to you!

Kenny De said...

happy birthday sis :)

sexy jessie said...

Angeline & Kenny : Thanks for your wishes. :)

eugene said...

You are my dear god sis, but then again, i hate you i hate you, you no pick up my phone,,,,,damn you.

hahahahahah, dear happy birthday to you,,, god bless

chubskulit said...

Yay, happy birthday.. I wish you good health and long time happiness with your boyfriend Jes!

sexy jessie said...

Eugene:Sorry dear, don't be angry. Thanks for your wishes.

Chubs:Thanks for your wishes.

Cas said...

Aww how sweet! I didnt know you have a twin, how cool is that? Glad you had a great day, your bf is indeed sweet!

reanaclaire said...


sexy jessie said...

Cas:Thanks, my bf is indeed sweet. That's why I called him "honey".

Clare:Thanks, better late than never.

Mom Daughter Style said...

I'm late, Belated Happy Birthday!