Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Plastic Day

Come Jan 1st next year, Penang will have to adhere the ruling of no plastic bag.
I for one is supporting the Penang government of this ruling.

Plastic bags are non-biodegradable. They clogged drains, water ways and spoil the environment. By banning the usage, it will help the earth to have a healthy environment and to eradicate global warming.

All hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, nasi kandar outlets and convenience stores have to adhere the ruling by Jan 1st.

It's going to be a inconvenient for me as I have to get an extra bag to store all my purchases, even food.

I asked the local eatery and the mini market at my area and they have not received any instructions from the government yet.

Not all plastic bags usage will be banned, only those which are hand carry as these respondents claimed.

But garbage bags are here to stay!

I hope that the Penang government will provide the local businesses paper bags for the consumers' convenience usages.

What about all plastic containers or articles? They are our daily usage. They are harzadours to the environment too.

Ps. Should the government ban all plastics articles?


Cas said...

Hey Jessie, I agree that we shouldnt use plastic bags - to safe the environment. Although it's a bit inconvinient sometimes but we're doing it for the future. I carry a big nylon bag with me when I do my grocery shopping. And when I shop in malls, I just put whatever I buy into my bag or just use one plastic bag only.

sexy jessie said...

Cas:Agreed with you. I've some nylon bags for shopping, it's not big enough, though.

Usually, the extra plastic bags I have, I used it for my garbage.