Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tell Tale Sign

I text my boyfriend that I will call him on Tuesday nite, 9,15pm and when I called him, it went to voicemail. He did not return my call, did not replied my text messages and emails.

Of late, it hard for me to contact him. I presumed he was tired and needed rest after work, but he didn't even have the courtesy to replied me.

I have this gut feeling that something is very wrong. Maybe, he's seeing someone else.

I'm no expert when comes to my relationship problem, so I gathered some information on the net. I even talked to my guy friend on his opinion.

Yeap, he's definitely ignoring and pushing me away. I was in denial and gave him benefit of the doubts that nothing was wrong.

It's been a year with him and many times, he hinted that he might married someone else. His family is trying to arrange a marriage for him, oh no! He spoke to his family about me and they are keeping mum about me.

I talked about our marriage but each time, he just kept quiet. I just want to spent the rest of my life with him, if he can't and won't commit, I don't see any future in us.

I'm giving my ignorance to him for this few days. I will see whether he contacts me and we just need to talk about it.

I must have the willpower not to contact him. It's gonna be hard as I still love him.

Ps. Should I give him a second chance if his explanation are valid enough?


Kenny De said...

hmm. ssh mcm ni sis. apa yang me dapat bagitau. dont hurt urself. thats it.

Anonymous said...

"He is just not that into you"

chubskulit said...

Oh no, that is not good. Maybe your intuition is right. You can see if the guy is really considering to have a future with you as he would push through the idea of getting married with you. You deserve someone better Jess.

reanaclaire said...

Wish you all the best, Jessie..

eugene said...

This kind of thing very hard to comment one lah, sis... but don't let emotion rule over mind, ya

Sexy Jessie said...

Kenny De:I'm trying to not hurt myself emotionally. Thanks bro.

Anoymous:You are right, he's not into me.

Chubskulit:Yeap, I deserve someone better.

Renaclaire:Thanks for your advice.

Eugene:You won't give any comments when it comes to relationships. You know that I will be wise enough to handle this. Thanks bro.

Gallivanter said...

Hmmm, there seems to be a reason why is that the case. Anyway, yes, do not contact him at all, although it could leave to the complication of not having closure should the relationship end. If he's not man enough to be frank to you (you at least deserve that considering you're his better half), he's not the right man for you.