Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mistaken Identity

A Nigerian approached me and asked "Are you a Filipino? From Sabah or Sarawak?" I replied "No. I'm a local and I'm a Malaysian". He still looked at me in disbelief.

He's one of the foreign student studying in the college, where I'm at working at now. (He's trying to flirt with me).

This is not the first time when I was mistaken many times by the local here. Especially when I go to a shopping mall, the sales assistant will talk to me in Malay. Talking about looking like an Indonesian here!

Only certain people when they see me they would know that I'm mixed with Thai. My great grandma is from the Songkla, south Thailand which makes me one quarter of Thai. I have my great grandma DNA more which I ended up looking more like her on the tan side.

I've been to Thailand couple of times, loved their food, culture and language. Too bad I can't speak Thai except for "Sawadekah and Kop Kun Kah".

Needless to say, I'm proud of my heritage.

Ps. A closer look up. Do I looked Thai or Chinese? Or both?


Anonymous said...

trying to flirt with you? beware of nigerian scam.

take care.

reanaclaire said...

yes, one look can see u r of mixed parentage.. :)

Kenny De said...

hohoho. betul my tekaan! yes! ur surely ada thai blood.hua hua!

sexy jessie said...

Anonymous:Thanks for your advice. I know the Nigerians here are "trouble".

Renaclaire & Kenny:So clever! Both of you have "sharped" eyes.

imriz said...

sis, we, asians were the "most beautiful" races in the world, haha.

Cas said...

Hey, that makes us both with Thai blood *high five* :)

chubskulit said...

Hahahaha, the same way happened to me here.. A malaysian asked me in your language and I said "Excuse me".. And she said "Oh, I thought you're malaysian" lol..

sexy jessie said...

Imirz:Yes we are, sis. We are proud of who we are.

Cas:Yeah, high five back.

Chubskulit:If u r here in Malaysia, think I will mistake u as one of the local, lol.