Saturday, September 11, 2010

He needs his bed, I need my throne

My boyfriend dropped by at my place an hour before midnight last night after visiting his friends.

He was tired as he was working on 12 hours shift that day, he just wanted to rest before going back to Kulim. Chatted for a while, he had a quick bath and we retired to sleep. Set alarm for him to wake at 4am.

We were trying to get some shut eyes but we just couldn't. He was tossing so much and was snoring, I just couldn't sleep too. We were drifting in and out of sleep.

He's not too familiar in my bedroom. Funny though, this is not the first time, he slept at my place. He just wanted his own bedroom!

After an hour or so, he said that he wanted to go home and sleep. He better go home and rest though, as he's working the next day and finally I can get sleep.

I have no qualms about sleeping in a new environment but I have problem of going even the toilet is sparkling clean. There's a need for me to go each morning, but my ass and mind just couldn't comprehend to the new environment.

Most of the time, I just couldn't go and the feeling of bloateness and uncomfortable crept in. Worst, I have to succumb to laxatives. I just need to sit on my golden throne!

Our body and mind needs to adjust itself to a new environment of which we have accustomed to our own place.

Ps. Can your mind and body eases itself to a new environment?


reanaclaire said...

if the bed and toilet is as nice as the pictures, surely i can sleep and do biz there!! lol..

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire:Yeap, nice to sleep and go. Lol...