Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revamping My Wardrobe Soon...

From Monday to Friday, I will donned on office wear, Sat and Sunday are jeans day. Since I've been working in various companies for donkey years, I tend to buy new clothes every now and then.

My working clothes are kept nicely and I only hand washed them. I've had clothes for more than 5 years and I still can wear them!

I will be given uniforms soon. I have to wear them every working day. Which means, I've to revamp my wardrobe. I've some good pair of clothes to give away.

I'm planning to give away to charity or to my seamstress so that she can help me to sell. I can earn some $$$ even though it's not much.

Ps. Shouldn't have keep on buying new clothes in the first place. See now what happen?


reanaclaire said...

jessie, i still keep my clothing which are 10 years old or more.. hehehe.. not all la.. i keep them in a suitcase.. just in case i slim down again..

eugene said...

ya lor, dont buy too many ma,, you get fat ,you get slim, you go sideway, you go front way,,,, susah tu,,,,right

Cas said...

Wah 5 years ago and can still wear it? How you maintain your figure. Anyway maybe you can sell it online to get more cash? We're women - it's okay to indulge in a lil shopping once in a while :)

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire:Don't you think that the fashion for the last 10 years have changed?

Eugene:Now, not buying anymorelah.

Cas:Ahemmm, I know how to take care of my figure, mah. I don't think my clothes can fetch up much $$$. Decide to give away.