Friday, August 27, 2010

He reluctantly repairs...

I was downstairs lobby waiting for him, he promised to meet me at 1pm. I called him since he did not turn up and he came after 10 mins.

He's the guy who gave my new car a sudden knock when reversing 2 weeks ago. I went with him to his mechanic workshop. After he and the mechanic gave a look at the incident area, he denied that the upper scratches was from his car. I then told him that I never met any accident nor any car had banged into me since then.

He's accusing me that the route I used was a one way street on the fateful day. I was telling him that there none "no entry" sign put up. The stretch of road was used as a two-way since the flats were built!

Since the two remarks he gave, I feel that he was reluctant to repair my car.

After the mechanic fixed the bumper right to its place, he put a few touches of paint to the scratches. My car's bumper would not look as new as before but the camouflage of the paint did a little good job.

Ps. I thought of asking him to repaint my whole bumper, but what if he refuses to pay for it?


chubskulit said...

h that freak, how awful is that kind of person to deny of what he did..

sexy jessie said...

chubskulit:Yeap, he's not a gentleman.