Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our LOVE is so hard...

I thought it's gonna be like the fairytale, they fell in love and lived happily ever after... It beats more reality in this.

My boyfriend and I have been in a year relationship now and we are not ready to be committed as a husband and wife.

He has lots of debts to settle and I don't want to be caught in settling for him. He's now settling in installments and it will take him another 2 years. Also is because, he is of different culture and race and I've yet to meet his family. I'm afraid that his family will arrange a marriage for him.

Well by now, I think you will guess what race is he.

My boyfriend were asking me on Friday, "If I will be married to someone else, can I see you?" I replied, "I don't know".

At this moment, there is only talk and suggestion about the arrangement only.
He's being honest of asking me this question if this will happen. He have told his family about me, but yet I still need their approval.

I'm still so afraid that his love and obedience for his family will over shadow our love. We loved each other and I even suggested registering our marriage first.

I can't be selfish registering our marriage without the knowledge of our parents just because to avoid him to marry another girl.

I really want to be his wife and spent the rest of our lives and I'll make sure it will happen.

Ps. I hope my fairytale will turn into a reality soon.


Kenny De said...

i'll pray for u sis.. just believe & trust in Him.~

sexy jessie said...

Kenny De: Thanks bro, need to trust in God.