Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ain't Worth My Friendship...

I was on my way back from work and then I thought of her. It's been 2 weeks I've not seen her and my sister called her and arranged to go for a dinner treat. She finishers her work at 6pm.

I got half an hour to spare before picking her up. Sensing it was a traffic jam because of the office and school crowd, I took the longest route. Reached her work place 15 mins earlier and called her telling I was by the side of the road waiting. I could not wait at the entrance as there was a no waiting zone.

So, it was 6pm and she called my sister shouting where were we. We wanted to tell her...but she shut off her phone. My sister saw her and called her but she was pretending not to. My sister then walked up to her and asked her to come to our car, she declined.

We then went for dinner without her. I was very angry with her attitude, she's just so childish. I don't know why she behaved like this, maybe is because I did not answer her last few calls? That was 2 weeks ago!

But then, how could she still harbouring this little grudge?

Ps. I'm not going to bother and I would not want to know about her anymore.


Cas said...

Wow what a totally immature friend. You deserve better :)

sexy jessie said...

Cas:Yeap, she's totally immature!