Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye hospital..Here comes college

When Eugene told me that college environment suits me better, I did not heed his advice. Instead, I opted to work in hospital. The reason I chose to work in the hospital is because of the benefits they offered.

I thought I can learn and master the job skilfully in the next 6 months, but I was wrong! For the 3 weeks I was still under training, I tried to learn as much as I can. I found out I can't cope with the style of working and its management, it brought me much stress and lost confidence of performing my job well.

Thick face, I emailed to the college I applied before asking if the vacancy is still available. And praise the Lord! The vacancy is still available, I went to see the college principal and I was asked to start work on 1st Sept.

With no regrets, I tendered my resignation today with the hosptial by giving 24 hours notice.

I thanked God that I'm given a second chance again.

Ps. Sometimes friends in life, they would have known you better than yourself.


reanaclaire said...

All the best to u...

Kenny De said...

all the best for u sis.. hope u have a great time working in the college :)... hows ur car?

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire & Kenny: Thanks, you guys.

Kenny:I'm getting my car to repair by this Friday.

eugene said...

you can only excel,when you know your strength right,sister?

sexy jessie said...

Eugene:You are right, brother.