Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's not safe anymore...

Another case of robbery cum murder.

A lady of 57 years old refused to let her bag go was stabbed to death by a snatch thief in his mid 20s.

She was on her usual route to work as a kindergarten teacher when this incident took place at the pedestrian bridge Sunway Pyramid.

The thief fled away empty handed, thanks to the aid of passers by. However, she died of a tragic death.

For the full story, please go to the Star Online.

I'm very angry whenever I read or heard this horror news of innocent people died. They are contributing the rights as citizens and they have been robbed from their rights.

And they died horrible and unexpected death.

What's wrong with all these fucking snatch thieves? Can't they get any job anywhere or are they desperate until they have to rob and kill?

I don't think the authoritative organisation is doing any good in eradicating these snatch thefts. Many I heard of being snatch theft victims yet their perpetrators have not been caught. And these people are out there targeting their next victims.

What's happening to our society today? I don't think Malaysia is a safe place even to live by everyday.

Ps. It's not safe to walk in the streets anymore.


reanaclaire said...

truly it is not safe.. sigh...

sexy jessie said...

Renaclaire:Yeap, it's not safe out there anymore.

Cas said...

I was on my way to the hospital for a check-up when I saw the police and people at the bridge. RIP.

Birthmark said...

No where is safe now. I got robbed some time back right outside my house. Can you imagine that?