Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's still working....

One of my good friend, lately she's facing some problems in her life. She's 58 and at this stage of her life, she should be of no worries and enjoying life.

She's single and yet at this age she's is still working 12 hours. She's not working a hard labour job but the job she's working now at her age could be considered as one.

She's working in a music school supposedly as an admin clerk. Apparently, she was asked to make phone calls to students, receiving students' fees and cook a meal.

She's staying in the school itself temporarily as her brother had sold off the apartment which she once lived. And most of her siblings couldn't offer a place for her.

Lately, her boss is exploiting and treating her as a maid. She's asked to go marketing everyday, cleaning and moping the floor and toilets.

She doesn't has a day off to rest. The good benefit of this job is she can have free lunch.

She wanted to quit as the physical work of the job is taking a toll on her. She's also having second thoughts of quitting as she will be homeless and there won't be any substantial income for her.

I told her to talk to her boss about it and try to hang on for a few months.

Ps. What advice would you give to my friend?


reanaclaire said...

talk to her boss and if he still treats her like maid, then complain to labour office.. (sorry, this is not a good advice) ... since she needs this job badly, i guess she has to stay put and if there is another job, then resign immediately.. anyway, if she feels happy working there, then let her continue...

eugene said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, i guess at her age she is experienced enough to figure out how right?

Cas said...

Oh no, I always get sad when old people have to work. I think they should be enjoying their life instead of slogging away. I guess the only way to go around this is for her to talk to her boss. Or ask her to demand for some extra allowance.

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire:Do the labour office would care for her case? I don't think so as she's only taking part time pay with no fringr benefit.

Eugene & Cas:She talked to her boss and her boss has given some allowance for extra rest.