Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Men Stray...Women At Losing End?

My colleague asked me to drop off her at a bus stop as her husband is not picking her up today. She suddenly blurted out that she suspects her husband is having an affair.

I asked her why did she thinks so? She told me that for weeks on certain days, her husband is at an army camp, supposedly. She suspects her husband is at the other woman's house. Her husband is serving in an army camp.

She can't ask her husband's friends about his whereabouts as his friends are known to cover his tracks.

When comes to relationship, women are gifted to have sixth sense. They can sense whether their partner is telling lies.

Mostly women are on the losing ends when they found out their partners are having affair. They are not willing to leave the partners worse if it involves children. Hoping, their partner will change to a better man.

Some women just accept the fact that their husbands is having affair, much to a point that they accept the mistress into the family.

It's not fair that these women are being treated this way. Some just can't or won't get out of their trapped marriages. Most believed that because of the love and relationship they had built with their husbands, they can't forgo the relationship.

I understand why all these women can't or won't leave their marriages. It depends on every situation. It's easier said than done.

If my husband were to have an affair, I'm willing to forgive him for the first time. If he continues, I'm adamant of leaving him.

Ps. Will you leave your partner if you partner have an affair?


eugene said...

love is a many splendid thing or stupid thing, you figure it out ya?

reanaclaire said...

it doesnt happen to men nowadays.. ladies also can be having affairs too! i cannot say what i would do.. when the needle pokes, then only will feel pain.. anyway, i m in no position to decide.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ps. Will you leave your partner if you partner have an affair?

It depends. If he gambles, beat the shit out of his wife and kids, YES, I will leave him. If he earns lotsa money, NO, I won't!

When your partner cheats on you, think for the future. Say, for the next ten years, will he be capable to give you a comfortable life with his income? Will he able to give you peace to maintain the household? If the answer is YES, by all means keep him.

When he cheats on you, the feeling of being cheated is painful but think logically. If kids are involved, THINK for yourself first before the kids. If you can't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your kids? At this time, you shouldn't be thinking that you need love. Forget about your needs. The kids need you. You are the only person the kids are counting for love, security and guidance.Focus on the kids' needs and wants before yourself. If you think that you might hit a chance on a new guy, think carefully. Chances that you won't. Nowadays, men are smart. They don't want to be your shoulders for your burdens no matter how pretty you are. There are stories of those who married well after their divorce, but these are minority and there is a price to be paid. Who knows your new man might be a slob?? Instead of enjoying a blissful new begining, you might ended up being a maid to him??

My husband left me without divorcing me for 10 years. Every months he deposited money into my account. That moment when he left me, I decided to stop loving him because my kid was still young. Frankly, I've been enjoying myself all these years without him. I have peaceful mind to bring the kid up, and I have peaceful mind how to control my spending with the monthly money he gave us. If I asked for a divorce, I will receive half in assets only.

As for dating, I'm not keen. There are many admirers, but the thought of giving up my status for someone who might not give what I'm already owning is alarming. Why should I take care of people's son leh? Over LOVE?? NO WAY!

Cas said...

In a flash, having affairs is something I will not tolerate so no giving him any chances. Hope your friend will find out the truth soon.