Saturday, March 13, 2010

Are you fulfilled?

Life is full of unexpectedness. Today, I might be here but tomorrow, don't know where I will be the next day.

I received a call from my dad last 2 days ago and he told me he's coming over to Penang to attend his aunt's funeral. His aunt passed away peacefully due to a lung infection. And I was telling myself, did I not see his aunt at my brother's wedding 3month's ago?

She was looking healthy at my brother's wedding and it was a shock to me that she passed away.

It scares me sometimes thinking of what life can succumb us, not knowing whether your time is up.

I don't know when will I get married, have children, living to see my first grandchild or my first great-grandchild.

I don't know how long will I stay in my company, when will I be financially stable and when will I leave this world. I was telling myself I want to live to a ripe age of 80, if time permits me to do so.

I'm living one day at a time now. I don't believe in resolution and there's a reason for everything that happens, whether good or bad. Taking everything in strife.

I just want to live a life that is fulfilled. When I have left this world, I want to hear whispers saying "I have left peacefully without any worries or disappointments but sense of fulfillment.

I believed that my grand aunt have lived a life that is fulfilling with greatness and joy.

Ps. Do you consider so far that you are living a life that is fulfilling?


eugene said...

Life will finally fulfilled when we see the Maker, amen?

Sexy Jessie said...

Eugene:Amen brother, totally agreed with you.

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

I am living a very fulfilling life and
I try to make it more fulfilling all the time
by sharing and giving.

We all have thoughts of a lot of uncertainties
but that is when we got to remind ourselves

Have you a great week!


reanaclaire said...

live a day at a time Jess and all blessings come from God..