Monday, March 1, 2010

Are Women Bosses Bi@#^es?

Today as of 1st March 2010, I started a new chapter today. A new job in another environment. This time, a legal firm.

Learning the new trade and system of the new company. Trying to fit in on my first day.

I will never know why my colleague will be leaving soon until she told me.
And there are lots of negativity comes out from her. She's here only a month plus and she told me she's not right with the boss.

Before her, there were a lot that left and most of them stayed for 2 months or less.

It seems that the boss has a fiery temper. Well, she did show her temper today! She has the right to be angry with my colleague who wanted to take 3 days half day unpaid leave because her son is down with chicken pox.

My new boss is angry with her for abandoning her promise and responsibility. The reason is that I just went in today and she won't be able to teach me her job scope.

I just don't know why I knew off company with women bosses seem to be the problem. Maybe they like to be a control freak and damn fussy, the women workers just can't stand them at all!

Ps. Are all women bosses bi&^es? Do they react in this manner?


eugene said...

You will feel better if you start feeling for the other party,if you know what i mean?

I am a boss too i try to be good, but sometimes some really need to get some scolding too.

Cas said...

So far I think women bosses are more garang and less understanding. Thank god la my boss is a male, hehe.