Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm too lazy to work today....

The alarm clock rings at 7am or earlier. You look at the clock and slam down the knob to prevent it from screaming again. Let me sleep for another 10 mins...

You dragged your feet from bed to the washroom. After washing up, you head to the kitchen for breakfast. Maybe to some, you are out from your house to prevent the bad traffic.

You slammed down the accelerator, racing against time and traffic, cursing and swearing of some idiotic drivers.

You arrived at the office and your day of work begins. Meeting deadlines, preparing reports and well, most of the times %^*) by the boss!

After working for 8 to 10 hours, you headed back from work tired to home sweet home.

Tomorrow will be another day of work.

Day in day out, it's so routine. Sometimes, do you feel like you just want to get out from all this?

My bf switches off his handphone and sleeps the whole day, citing the reason of being family emergency. He had done it several times whenever he doesn't feel like working. He hasn't been found out yet...

I never done any ponteng from work before, but I take most of my MC whenever I have the opportunity. I really loved it when I just can sleep in bed the whole day.

a) What type of good excuses you have given to your boss?

b) Have you ever been found out?

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eugene said...

Dont worry dear, today's already Friday, hangloose, and hangtough