Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Your diet style?

We been bombarded by media and books the latest diet, what type of diet that suits you. Working people like us, not to mention about me also, are too lazy to ex-cer-cise! When it comes to exercises, there just tons of excuses!

You can know what diet works for you just by your blood group!

And on the other hand, we want to keep our stomach happy, lol. And yet, we want to be body-luscious. We can't have both things, can we?

I don't follow the latest diet and I diet my own style. I try to stay off rice at night and having rice only 4 times a week. After all, rice contain carbo and it can get me F-A-T!

During the night, I substitute with oatmeal biscuits with some cereals, frequently. Sometimes, it will only be breads.

I stayed off pork a few years back. Once in a blue moon, only will I indulge. Did you know that pork is one of the dirtiest animal on earth?

And 3 times a week, I'm on a vegetarian diet during lunch.

For MacDonalds and KFC, I seldom indulge. They are food poisoning even though the taste are so damn delicious!

a)Do you diet and follow the latest?
b)Or do you have your own diet


chubskulit said...

hahahaha damn delicious eh? I do eat pork but I prefer fish and veggies with rice on my meals! Plus a little exercise to maintain my fats from arising hahaha..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Been trying to diet but every time fail to do so coz these days I'm so addicted to food! Kudos to being vegan 3 times a week, I tried but failed!