Sunday, November 8, 2009

Keeping My Mouth Shut

One thing that I learnt in my relationship with my bf is shut my mouth up. No, we are not arguing or anything like that! Things are smooth as we are open and honest, especially when it comes to finances.

Our date mainly comprises on cheap hawker food and movies, or even sometimes lepaking at home with his dvds to watch. Nothing fancy restaurants yet....

Last nite, before he came and went out for a dinner, he text me and asked me to belanja him. I agreed and I presumed, he's really short of cash!

He came and we went for dinner at a hawker centre. I did not bring up the matter of me paying for the dinner, but he spilled the beans. Yeap, lately he has financial constraints and are waiting for monies which his friends owed him from a business deal.

I really want to thank him for his sincerity and love even though he has to spent on petrol, bridge and toll charges to come over to meet me.

It's best keeping my mouth shut at the right time.

Ps. When was the time you kept your mouth shut over certain issues and letting your partner deal with it momentarily?

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