Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Would I marry you?

"What happen if I won't marry you"? My bf asked me last Sat. Gosh, it was my b'day and how could he?! I told him that I will cry, for a few days maybe a few weeks.

It's too early at our relationship we talked about marriage. We are only 3 months old. Deep down, I truly want to spent my live with him but yet are afraid to be totally committed to it. There are so many things that we need to discover and plan before we can settle down.

Needless to say, my biological clock is ticking fast and I need to married to have his children! But, I need not rush into marriage because of this.

He told me that he wants to get married when he turns 40. And I told him, well then don't get married at all.

I guessed that he too not ready at this moment. We will be on this topic another 6 months down the road.

Ps. Of after how many years of relationship, that you got married?


Gallivanter said...

There's no right answer to that, both of you must feel comfortable and READY for that commitment. It sounds like your BF is not ready.

eugene said...

I knew my wife for a year, fell in love with her in the second, got married to her at the end of the second year, the feeling was mutual and i was dead certain that she was made for me.........

it is not so much of being ready or committed, it is our willingness to take in another person to spend our lives with, the rest we can change

ladyviral said...

Both must be ready to be commited like what Galli said.

Eventually but if he said "What if I won't marry you?" wont.. is emphasize here I said... then it is require to think about it properly... can't jump straight into something that he isn't ready commit either... it is a big disadvantage to females.

Sexy Jessie said...

Yep, we are definately not committed at this moment...

Let us know deeply one another first.

chubskulit said...

We've dated online for five months then he came to see me, before he came we already planned to get marry hahahaha. Time isn't the matter, it's how you feel for each other. Five moneths after his first visit, we got married. So that took us 10 months to really know each other. You can feel it in your heart if he's the one for you.

I agree with Eugene..

We will be flying back on Tuesday Jes.

The Mrs Blogs said...

We were dating for 1.9 years before getting married. I told myself if he didn't propose after our 2nd year together then I'll call it off. But hey you two lovebirds take it easy and get to know each other first - that is more important than commiting to a marriage right now.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Jessie hun....I would like to share this with you....

I have been married TWICE, ONCE TOO MANY! and I have had other proposals and I have never had ANYONE dare ask me " What happen if I won't marry you? " Is he so sure that he is the only guy you can get married to? Does he think that there are no other man out there who would marry you? NO ONE SHOULD MAKE YOU CRY FOR WEEKS ,EVEN JUST DAYS. BE WISE, jessie dear.
My first marriage : I know him for 7 years! Knew his family etc. but guess what...I KNOW NOHTING! Married for 12 years and divorced him . I have full custody of my daughters. NO REGRETS but NEVER WILL WISH OTHERS GO THROUGH WHAT MY KIDS AND I WENT THROUGH.Funny thing was that right from the start, I really do not want to marry him. Should have listen to my instinct and not give birth to my TWO ANGELS??? NEVER. GOD KNOWS BEST!

I am now happily remarried to a man I met on the internet. From day one to marriage, almost three months! He flew in from USA. Just like what Eugene said, Hubby and I are so made for each other.We do not take each other for granted and a day never goes by without "I LOVE YOU"S.

Life is short.If you think YOUR LIFE IS MUCH BETTER WITHOUT THE OTHER (REASON I DIVORCED EX), then do not get married but you know what....i really think that YOU WOULD KNOW WHEN YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE OTHER,RIGHT???