Friday, November 13, 2009

Crushed Dream

She's my friend and she has this determination spirit of not giving up. She sat for her SPM BM paper twice and finally, she managed to score a credit. I was so happy for her! :)

Her ultimate goal is to be a government teacher. She has other option of not enrolling in a teacher's training college first. She can enrol at a private college to study a diploma course before transferring her credits to a local university. This is all she has planned before...

She will call me weekly and shared her dream with me. Today, I received her call and she's telling me that the college she wanted to enrol for her diploma course does not get approval from MQA. She called MQA and asked to confirm the approval of the said course and it's not confirmed.

The college had earlier confirmed that it was approved by MQA when we went and asked for the info.

(MQA or Malaysia Qualification Agency is a government body which monitor all colleges courses and licenses. All courses needed to be accredited and approved by MQA). Certs will not be recognised if it's not approved by MQA.

And to make life more difficult, the qualifications for entry to teacher's training college has been raised to 6 credits and the BM paper must passed with distinction. To this point, she felt her dreams started to diminish, she started crying.

She has put all her hope and determination by getting a BM credit and now she felt her dreams is slipping through her fingers. She felt devastated.

I couldn't help her much but just to be there and giving all my support.

Misty, just do remember, I will always be here for you.

Ps. Life has make us dreamers;

a)How many have became reality and to hold?

b)Was there any disappointments?


The Mrs Blogs said...

Sometimes things dont go our a way, but with determination everything will fall into place, eventually. Some people might reach there faster, others albeit slower, but eventually will. Question is, does she have the will power to continue fighting?

Sexy Jessie said...

Yes Cas, she does.