Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unfriendly Welcome

I went to see her after a month of not contacting each other. I was telling and feeling guilty for not seeing her as her good friend.

I was glad that she had met someone being absent for a month. Someone that can take for her grocery shopping, just being there whenever she needs help.

I took a nap at her house because I was damn sleepy due to the hot weather. She started to criticise me of sleeping and asking me to take her window shopping at Metrojaya.

I was reluctant as I was physically drained out.

She just couldn't stop criticising me indirectly by comparing me with her new found friend. Started to bring up the subject of the Omega 3 that I reluctant to sell her my bottle. This issue was so long ago... She's just adding salt to the wound.

Now, I clearly understand her behaviour towards me. Seems that she doesn't and won't appreciate this old friend of hers.

Ps. Guess that I will be lessening my visit to her.


The Mrs Blogs said...

How can she let the Omega bottle come between your friendship with her? Guess some friends are not true genuine friends.

sexy jessie said...

Yeap, Cas you are right! Some friendship are not worth for.