Thursday, October 22, 2009

Very Unfriendly Neighbour

I was being called to my apartment's management office at one afternoon 3 months ago apparently a complain from my neighbour down floor. I went to the management office and she told me that there was a bad leak from my toilet to my neighbour's toilet. I'm staying at the top floor.

Luckily, at that time I was temporarily out of job. I then went to my neighbour and investigate the leak. And I told her that I will arrange a contractor or a plumber to mend the leak.

Weeks went by and I haven't call the contractor. Was busy with my new work and time doesn't permit him. The only time I can call the contractor is only during the public holiday as it will be convenient for any repairs to be done.

Sensing of my broken promises, my neighbour wrote me an unfriendly note telling me she's running out of patient. I ignored the note and arrangement was made for the contractor to faciliate the repair during the Raya holiday.

The contractor came and at that moment, he can only put a layer of sealant on my bathroom floor to prevent any further leakage. He told me that there couldn't be any possible leakege as the water pipes were changed and quite new.

I received another 2 notes from her last few days warning me to get the repair done.
I really don't like the sounds of it, and I've replied her in a note. Explaining to her the repaired was done and did not know it was leaking again.

It's not going to be an easy repair as it will involve the management and sharing of cost. If the sewerage pipe is leaking, then the management will have to bear the cost. Knowing the fact the apartment management takes ample of time for cost to approved. I don't know whether she will be wiling to share the cost amount if my bathroom floor will be hacked.

I know that she's upset about the whole leakage thing but I think she's rude and acting unfriendly sending me all these notes.

On top of that, there are neighbours who are friendly and very helpful.

Ps. Staying in a community, have you come across unfriendly neighbours?


chubskulit said...

Oh no, I thought repairs like that has to be taken care of by the management or the apartment landlords? When I was still in the Philippines, everytime I have problems with my apartment, the landlord always take care of it..

Off topic.. About the bibimbap, it was a korean dish that my husband and I like so much..

Glad to know that you have a nice weekend with your bf.. Have a great week Jessie..


eugene said...

just be friendly lah,, and somethimes friendliness can win over foes.

take care now bro

The Mrs Blogs said...

Maybe you should quickly inform the management that repair works have been done incase she goes complaining to them again. Hope this gets settled soon Jessie.