Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Honey... I'm late.

"Honey, I'm late. I think I'm pregnant".

This is the statement that every boyfriend is afraid of or is a joy to hear.

This is a typical problem that unmarried couples will have to face if they are not being too careful. Many unmarried couples have premarital sex which considered to be normal nowadays. I do not condone nor I'm against premarital sex, but do always have sex with responsibility.

I'm sure that these couples won't ever will want to have babies if they are not ready, what more if not be married yet? Have a shotgun wedding?

Abort the baby? That's cruel and inhuman!

The baby was not in the picture in the first place but the couples will have to include him in. Plans made gone awry and it has to come with responsibility.

Most couples eventually married because of responsibility and the consequences. But, do they married for love too?

Ps. For those who have or are experiencing this, what will you do?
Do you married for love or responsibility? Or both? Are you regrettable of what had been done?


Lindz said...

Jess it's to comment on this as I have never been in this kind of situation..but i do agree with you 100 percent to take the responsibility all the time.

SexyJessie said...

Thanks Lindz, for your comment. Yeah, couples should take this heavy responsibility.

The Mrs Blogs said...

I hear about young couples becoming pregnant on forums all the time that it really upsets me that they didn't think of safeguarding themselves from unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Which usually results to abortion. Guess these kids REALLY need to be educated at school on these things.