Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet Love

She's 17, sweet and young and he's 18. Both of them are in love and they met over the internet. She stays in Malaysia while he stays in UK. Thousand of miles apart.

They have been chatting over the net, probarbly calling each other and sending emails many months now. And they decided to meet. But wait, they can't as their parents did not know about their relationship.

The girl is willing to leave everything, even her family just to be with her boyfriend. Oh, the wonder of love! The boy decide to buy an air ticket for her to go over to UK.

The girl family came to knew about her disappreance and they are trying to locate her through a help of a Malaysian residing in UK.

This is not a make up story as it has been reported in the local news.

Good news is she was located 3 months thereafter and now both of them are willing to meet her parents.

We have come to an age for internet dating, no doubt. Like it or not, millions of lonely people are looking for someone special out there. There are some genuiene ones looking and they really end up marrying, but yet there are some perverts who cheats in money or sex.

If one of your child, especially your daughter or you meet someone from the net,

a) Will you allow your child/you to condone this relationship?

b) Are you able to trust this new friend?

Ps. I met my bf thro the internet and currently we are in love and dating!


chubskulit said...

It's hard if your daughter is underage you know. For adults like us, it is okay because we know what is right from wrong so its a little bit safe. Thanks to the internet or else I am still single lol..

Lindz said...

I dont know really know I ahven't have experience like this.... but if it's a way then they ahve to meet in person first and get to know each other for real...

Sexy Jessie said...

Well Rose and Lindz,as parents we must be alert and monitor our children's activities on the net.

Likewise as adults, we too must be wise.

Thanks for your comments. Appreciate it.