Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ancestor Trail

I'm always mistaken many times, especially in the shopping malls. The salesperson will come up to me, speaking to me in Malay. Either I answered in Chinese, or I just walked away.

People do come up to me asking me whether I'm from Philippines or Indonesia, lol, and so in a dating site I've joined.

Only certain people will know I'm of mixed blood.

I thought I'm on a tanned side, resulting of the constant baking under the sun for sports practise way back in high school.

I'm one quarter of Thai blood, my dad told me and my siblings. I carried the genes of my late grandfather more, resulting my tanned skin.

My dad proudly told me that my late great grandma was from Songkla, Thailand. She married two husbands who were Chinese and traded in rubber trees plantation. She was rich, by then. She always donned in baju kebaya, tied her hair up in a bun and eat with her fingers.

Every visits she will bring durians! We loved the traditional kuih made by her. My favourite was the kuih bengkang. She lived long and passed away in a ripe old age of 80.

I'm glad that I known a little about my ancestor bloodline. I'm proud to tell people I'm Thai mixed Chinese!

Ps.Too bad, I can't speak a word of Thai, tough.

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