Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Mom's B'day Wish

Today is my mom's birthday. She's celebrating her 62 birthday. I called up her and wished her "Happy Birthday".

During her 62 years, she has brought 4 beautiful children with her love and tender care. And till today, her children has grown successfully doing well in life.

Being the eldest, I was always be picked by my mom when I was younger. I was always get the blamed and beaten up by her whenever there are quarrels between us siblings.

I struggled in my high school; I was not a bright student. I was trying my very best to please her back in those days.

She favoured my 2 brothers as they always bring many AAs in the exams. Which leads to siblings jealously.

I thought it was not fair at all and she didn't love me at all.

Things changed for a better when I left my hometown and worked in Penang. I stayed alone and for the first time, I missed her. Her cooking, washing, advice, her presence and time spent with her.

From the time, we were apart, we began to accept one another as we are.

Her labour was never in vain. My siblings and I grew up just fine not by becoming someone successful in life but also someone useful.

My birthday wish for my mom is that she will have a fulfilled life surrounding with her family's love.

Ps. Thanks mom for your great love and you are still loving us. Happy birthday mom, I love you.


ky said...

Read this blog and it reminds me of my childhood and the upbringing of my family with 4 children. Similar but just that i am the second child at home. Well, mums always love all of us. The only thing with asian is the expression of love. Usually it take time to surfaced. Sure our mum is glad with us on their achievement for upbringing us.

The Mrs Blogs said...

Awww that's so sweet. End of the day you know she loves you and that matters. Have a great weekend Jessie. I'm down with a bad eye allergy :(

sexyjessie said...

Thanks Ky and Cas, always appreciate your comments. Thanks.