Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends... You can never live...(1)

Friends; You can never live with or without them. I don't have many close and good friends, but there are 2 friends that I can't live without.

Last week, one of this friend of mine, she pisses me off. I don't know whether she did it deliberately. We had an agreement of splitting up two bottles of Omega 3 which were brought from a pharmacy a month ago.

She then tells me that she wanted to buy from me the remainding bottle of Omega 3 which I haven't open it. I agreed because I'm still on the old bottle, not realising that mine is finishing fast.

I then called her up and told her that I could not sell my bottle to her. She agrees, but the next day she calls up and said that I was a liar. That I promised her to sell the my bottle to her. I told her that I ran out of stock and I couldn't sell it to her. She was angry with me and she ended the conversation.

I have been friends with her for the past 10 years. I've been through her ups and downs, always by her side. Our friendship definitely comes a long way.

I know that my issue with her seems little; but I feels that she's taking advantage of me this time.

There are times when she calls and expects me to be there immediately.

Without fail, 2 weeks once, I will pay her a visit. I will drive her for her grocery shopping and then dinner. (She's single and lived alone).

I think as her friend, I can do as much for her. It's hard sometimes to live to her expectation.

Ps. I'm just venting out my frustrations. I've nothing against her, but do you think she's too much?


Dorothy L said...

There is something that I tell everyone about any type of control or is that an abuser or a user can only do it because he/she can.
The minute you disallow the abuse the sooner the abuser will get bored and stop. The same rings true with friends that tend to think they can say or do anything they choose because they may not agree with a situation. All you can do is ignore them and/or take a step up and let them know that you will not put up with their childish mannerisms.

It is frustrating when it is a good friend that does that to us.

It is wrong no matter who is doing it :)

sexy jessie said...

Thanks Dorothy for your advice. At this moment, I'm putting off visits to her.

eugene said...

you know sometimes our expectation on friendship differs from one friend to another.... she might think she has the right to be angry and you might feel that you too have the right to be angry with her......

My contention is always like this, i will always ask myself, is that friend is worthy of my friendship?

I have discarded a few so called good friends after weighing their friendship,it is not worty after all