Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Boyfriend's Coming

New year 2009 has begun, it's been the seventh day. I've been busy with work for the past week.

I met my boyfriend over the net last April. No doubt that we exchanged photos but we have not meet in person yet. Yeah, I got some negative remarks and comments from friends on this (I couldn't blame them on this), since it's a long distance relationship.
We both fell in love with our voices, thoughts, opinions, desires shared over the phone, minus the physical part.

Of course, I yearn to see, touch and feel him; I believed he wants to. We certainly braced the long distance storm till this day. He will be coming end of next month and now I'm counting the days that he will arrive. I'm sure he does too.

P/s Honey, do come quickly. I've waited long for this day.


genna said...

hi jessie..
good luck for your next month activity. Long distance, the difficult part, tough. But many say, absence make the love grow fonder. Wish you both long lasting love :)

eugene said...

make sure you rock the world when he finally arrives,i like to move it move it,shake it like there's no tomorrow.

so happy for you really

love ya

The Mrs Blogs said...

OMG so happy to know this. Bet you really can't wait to see him. Don't forget to update us about it. Good luck girl, wish you both nothing but happiness :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sexy girl.
Did u able to meet him? Could you update us, we are excited on you
from ":)"