Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just seconds only...

It's just a matter of seconds only. I was waiting the command from the screen but I couldn't wait and I was in a haste.

The next day, when I switched on my computer funny commands blurted out on the screen. Tried rebooting the screen once hoping that it will erase the funny commands. Nope, it did not help at all.

I did not shut down my computer properly last Friday.

Have to called my technician for help. He came and access the situation and told me that he needed to reformat my hard disk.

Thank God that I've had back up my work data into my thumb drive, if not everything will be gone.

My laptop doesn't react this way, it always goes to the safe mode when it did not shut down properly. Guessed that each computer have different system installed.

Ps. Geez, I have created a job for my technician.


reanaclaire said...

hope it is better now!! :)

goldflower86 said...

at least nothing is lost! hehehe.
never mind la,. give technician bit of job good also.

eugene said...

May be the technician is handsome lol,, kekekekekekek

sexy jessie said...

Claire:Yeap, it's now better.

sexy jessie said...

Goldflower:My technician did a good job.