Monday, December 6, 2010

Different Color

What will you do when you are wearing a smile but all you get is ignorance? What will you do when no one talks to you? What will you do when everyone give you that kind of special look?

This is what is happening to my friend in a polytechnic college where she's studying now. She's being ignored because no one wants to talk to her. She tries to be friendly but all she got are stares. Her new found friends are in groups, she was not welcome because she's of different race.

She's got reprimanded by a teacher today by calling her "kamu", hence she doesn't know the teacher's name.

She just started her semester 10 days ago and until today, no one wants to be her friend. She's the only Chinese. There are groups of people in the same race clicking together, leaving her alone. She's trying to bridge herself in the group, but the group seems too strong.

She can't take this taunting until she bursts to tears over the phone with me. I advised her to be as friendly to them, but she just can't reach towards them. She told me that she won't be able to stand the prejudices and taunting for the next 3 years she has to be there.

She's helpless at this stage, not knowing what to do. Either she's has be strong and to brave herself for the 3 years or leave her college now before this situation turns her into a depressive state.

Each one of us are prejudices and racists in some ways. Most of the time, I think that my own race are more superior and all other races are idiots! (Sorry for the language here).

In front of others, yes, we appear friendly but we back stabbed them of their stupidity. We dislike other races and we made comparisons.

We are trying to be political in this issue and we will still be hating one another if we can't see eye to eye.

Ps. Have you be taunted or being prejudiced in any situation before? What did you do?


suituapui said...

My daughter's in one of those places but she gets along very well with her Malay coursemates - need to be tolerant and understanding, both ways. I've met some of them - they're very nice...or maybe they're English not so conservative.

There are two or three Chinese ones besides her...but they stick to themselves and speak Mandarin ALL the time - we are not very proficient/conversant in the language, not enough to blend in...unfortunately.

chubskulit said...

Very well said Jesse and I agree with you.

sexy jessie said...

STP:It's whether we are being accepted and whether we are able to blend in with the group.

sexy jessie said...

Chubs:Thanks for agreeing. :)

AngelineBK said...

Jess: Malaysia is liddat...Really hurt people feeling..

sriyany said...

Hi there, I can relate. The same thing can happen in a working environment as well but as adults, we tend to handle it better.