Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can't Keep Em Open

My eyelids are halfway shut as I looked sexily intense. No, I'm not in an intimate position where the act will leave my eyes looking like so.

I've been experiencing like this since last night. It's so hard to leave my eyes wide open and even now as I'm blogging this entry.

My nose was stuffy and I've sneezed a couple of times late afternoon yesterday. It's a sign that my nose is acting again. I have a bad sinus and the symptoms can appear anytime. It will be worst when the weather changes especially this few days.

I popped an antihistamine drug last night and until now, after 16 hours, I'm still feeling drowsy. The little 10mg drug is so potent.

I got another 3 hours to go before I'm off from work. Thank God, today I've lesser things to do. I can sneak in a little sleep.

Ps. All I want is my bed now.


AngelineBK said...

Jess: poor you, later better drive safely k...go bec and rest! miss the bed don't you! take care

reanaclaire said...

yes... with sinus, i can understand.. very sensitive nose.. better rest..u be alright!

eugene said...

you take care,you hear,, otherwise your god brother here will be sad yo

Cas said...

Take care jess. Thank god the weekend is around the corner for you to recover *hugs*

sexy jessie said...

AngelineBK:Was ok in the evening, not drowsy anymore.

Claire:Sinus and block nose are still around, now cough is starting up. :(

sexy jessie said...

Eugene:Taking care, it will take another a week or so to revover.

Cas:Hu hu, Im working till Sat 5pm, and Sunday to chuch.
Quite hard for me to "recover." :(

suituapui said...

Oh dear...feeling under the weather, eh? Take care, get well soon!