Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 We Welcome U!

Another 11 hours, it's 2011! Happy new year!

Let's embrace with hope and gladness the coming new year!

What do I expect and see myself in the coming new year?

a) Physically

I've been putting on weight (yeap, I could blame it on the good food in Penang) for the past few months. Been cutting down rice to a minimum twice a week per meal and I shall continue to do so. It will be a religious affair to sweat out in aerobics once a week, will keep me trim and my skirts won't get any tighter.

Eat more nuts, fishes and vegetables. Include more fruits in my diet.

b) Mentally

Will read good non-fiction books on self improvement. Be childish yet mature, talk to 5 years old and to sixty years old. They have unknown life experiences that I can learn from.

Shall visit more blogs to know and learn about all things in life, they are good teachers. Learn and be learnt.

c) Financially

Will budget on monthly spending, don't spent unnecessary no matter how tempting shopping can be. Will invest extra savings into fixed deposits or unit trusts to save for my retirement fund.

Will help to share to pay my utility bills when there's a raise in my pay.

d) Spiritually

Will deepen and strengthen the personal relationship with Him above by bending my knees more. Making sure that I will read His word with the conviction of my heart. Serving God with love and a heart of a servant, not a routine anymore.

Share and touch God's love with the people around me.

Have a less stressful attitude, it's good for my skin and my well being.

e) Relationship

That I will take a step further my relationship with my boyfriend discussing marriage in the near future. Will try to understand and accept his sometimes annoying behaviour. Will try to go on a holiday with him, he's been working too hard.

I will try to quarrel with my sister less. Be not selfish and be sensitive to listen and understand each one needs.

Smile to the people I meet, especially to the students in my college. My acceptance and understanding towards my colleagues each unique behavior will bind us together to work in harmony making a fun place to work in.

Ps. What are you going to expect in the new year 2011? Happy new year!


reanaclaire said...

Will probably be at home with kids to do the countdown.. but now thinking of what to eat tonight.. hahaha..

chubskulit said...

Just wishing you a happy new year Jes!

suituapui said...

All the best for the most wonderful 2011!!! Cheers!

sexy jessie said...

Claire:Yalah, I will be staying at home too, hopefully I can catch a glimpse of fireworks. Blessed new year!

sexy jessie said...

Chubs n STP:Happy new year to you too! Have a great year ahead!

Cas said...

Happy 2011 darling. It's going to be a GREAT one Im sure. Hoping to shed some weight asap too!

sriyany said...

I like your resolutions especially the eating healthy part. Something everyone should cultivate these days :D

Mom Daughter Style said...

Happy New Year! Great resolutions. i will try to not spend much too this year.