Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stretch some muscles, baby...

There was a group of people wearing green T-shirts bearing the name "Kumpulan Senamrobik George Subramaniam". Every Thursday, they will be at the New World Park Centre, auditorium doing aerobics.

Many times, I was passing through after my dinner on the said day, and I stood there watching them. All of them ranging from young kids to senior citizens were busy following the aerobics master doing every exercises.

Geez, I wanted to join and asked them how, but none I can approached. Coincidentally, I met my dad's cousin last 2 weeks and he was joining the aerobics. I asked him about the joining fee and he told me it's free and just to put in a RM1 for donation only.

It was a good thing too for all community to come together and practice healthy lifestyles.

And today, I did went. After changing to my sport outfit and having some light dinner, I joined the session. It started from light movements of hands and legs exercises.

The music was upbeat and each aerobics were in fast pace movement.

Even though the movements were light and moderate, my arms and neck muscles were stretched to the max. Which leaves me some pain at these areas.

Now, I'm having a splitting headache resulting of not being exercising regularly. My muscles are not well stretched yet.

I will make it a point to go every Thursday.

Ps. Go and stretch some muscles, baby!


eugene said...

Now that you have started exercising my dear,, good on ya

Sexy Jessie said...

Eugene:Yes and thanks. Must keep fit and healthy, mah.

randy said...

Excellent, Sexy Jessie.
Welcome to the "club". Actually I'm a committee member of the "club" (Soli, we dun actually form a "club" but we do have helpers to ensure the continuation of the program.)
I'd joined the program only for 1 year and now I'm actively perticipating in it & oso helping out.