Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's toxic!

There are some people who would just makes you feel depressed and sending negatives vibe. Sad to say, or is it just bad luck, that I met the person.She's none other than my current employer.

She's very emotional, couldn't control her emotions well and she will worked up over every small issue. When she couldn't control her emotions, her anger will flare up badly.

We have to adhered to her style of working.

Sometimes, mistakes we make made her mad. There are times when, her emotions are well control, but the next minute, she can go mad. She's like a walking time bomb!

There were countless of employees left within 3 months of working because none can stand her.

After working with her for 3 months, I really can't take it anymore. I thought I can work with her for a long time. Her bad emotions has taken a toil on me and my colleagues.

It's making us depressed emotionally and mentally. I think it's not a healthy working environment.

Anyhow, thank God and praise Him for a new job offer. If everything goes well with the new employer, I will be tendering my resignation next week.

Ps. Have you meet anyone toxic?


reanaclaire said...

Met before but she was the one who resigned and not us.. phew.. Thank God!

eugene said...

i've got a job opening for you, dear

sexyjessie said...

Renaclaire & Eugene:Whenever, there are females taking up senior posts, there always bound for trouble.