Saturday, June 26, 2010

I was Challenged!

I had a very dreadful day. I had a quarrel with my ballistic and psycho boss! This was what exactly happens....

On Friday, my colleague was on MC and I was told by my boss to help. She asked me and my colleague to do so. I wanted to ask her to check on my work before sending the documents for the online adjudication. She asked me to leave my file aside, citing it was not important.

And this morning, she asked me whether I have scanned and sent the client's documents for the online adjudication. And I told her, I have not. She started to scream and asked me why I did not and I told her that reason she wanted to check my documents first.

I then took the documents for her to check and she went crazy again after noting that I stamped the documents on 25/6/2010, that was yesterday and I did not sent for online adjudication.

She yelled at me and I told her that she had asked me to leave my file aside as she was asking me to help her on my colleague's work the day before. She started to blame me for not approaching and letting her know.

I really lost my cool and for the first time in my life, I yelled back. I walked out of her room.

She came out and yelled back telling me I was lazy, I took no interest in my work and asked me to quit!

She challenged me to quit!

I just sat at my table and continue with my work, not even bothering her.

My colleagues saw this and they said she's damn too much. They will work out of the door if they were me!

I was very angry and hurt of what she said and done. Whatever she had said to me, it cannot be taken back.

I'm putting in my resignation letter tomorrow giving notice until end of this month. If possible, I just want to leave by tomorrow.

Both of my colleagues will follow suit after I leave.

For the first time in my life, never I come across this terrible and psycho boss!

I just can't work with her, it's affecting me mentally and emotionally.

Ps. I believed whenever God closes a door, He will open another one much better! Amen!


reanaclaire said...

poor Jessie... pray about it and see what happen tomorrow..

Sexy Jessie said...

Renaclaire:The bible says:Pray for your enemies. I'm praying for God's wisdom of what to tell her when I'm will be handing in my letter.

Rocks said...

Hope things get better for you jessie! I agree..when God closes the door he opens many blessed!

Sexy Jessie said...

Rocks:Amen to that. Keep on praying for the right door to be opened!

Cas said...

Gosh Jessie, what an evil boss! Trust me, take that as a sign to leave coz surely you deserve a much better boss. Good luck!

Sexy Jessie said...

Cas:She's defitnely evil, paranoid and psycho.

She can be so demoralising all the time. She's right for mental asylum anytime now.

I'm glad that I'm leaving tomorrow. :)