Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episodes 1-3 of Project Alpha Season 2

My version ways of grooming tips

Tips 1 - Hair

I keep long hair so it's easy for me to maintain. Once every 2 months, I go for a trim. And I used local products to wash and conditioned my hair. I only visit my hair saloon once every 6 months to color. Regular of washing and conditioning should be enough to keep the hair healthy. If you hair lacks of lustre, you should get a deep mask conditioner for use to bring back it's shine.

Tips 2 - Facial

Regular trimming of eyebrows will help one to look more alert. Once a week, I trimmed my eyebrows by using an old fashion tweezers.

Draw a line towards the arch by using an eyeliner. Let the line be your guide. Then start to twee those unwanted hair away. Those hairs at the lower eye lid, you could easily shave it off by using a mini eye shaver. These mini eye shavers, you could easily get it at beauty shops or personal stores, like Watson or Guardian.

3 steps - Wash, tone and moisturise is a must for the face. Using a face washing liquid, wash and then follow up by toning. Dab the toner on a facial cotton and slowly rub the toner all over your face. Use a moisturise that contains SPF15-SPF30 throughout the day and a night cream. Night creams are used when the skin cells rejuvenate and replaces itself throughout the night.

Brushing 3 times daily and regular flossing of the teeth will make one smile nice and healthy. Regular visit to the dentist will keep ones teeth away from gum diseases and deteriorating.

Cleaning of tongue daily will keep ones tongue away from bacterias. It will leaves the mouth fresh breath.

Tips 3 - Appearance

First impression counts.

Wear clothes that are comfortable and right for your body. Don't wear too tight, too loud or too sexy. Do have a pair of white shirt, white pants or skirt, black pants, shirt or skirt. These are the basics colors you can match with your other color of clothes.

Get the latest fashion updates from magazines or from friends. Window shop and check around the mall for latest fashion before deciding to buy.

Feel good about what you wear.

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