Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I felt the earth move...

It was 6.20am this morning when I was looking at my clock, whether it was time for me to wake up. No, it's not the time yet and I dozed back to sleep.

Suddenly, I felt my bed shook a couple of times and instantly I knew it was an earthquake. I'm supposed to get up and run down to the ground floor apartment but I was too lazy. I stayed in bed all the time. Besides, much to my surprised there were no one running down.

This evening, when I saw the news, it was confirmed that the earthquake was from Acheh global time 5.15am, 7.7 Richter scale. It could easily triggered a tsunami.

Thank God, it didn't trigger a tsunami like the last huge one on Dec 26th, 2004 which leaves 52 death in Malaysia.

I've felt a few times of earthquake tremors and I kind of got use to it.

Recently, the world faces earthquakes resulting lost of lives and properties.

Ps. Has the earth moves it's axis or is it a direct warning from the Man above?