Saturday, December 19, 2009

What shall I do?

I've been working for my new company for the last six months and I've been accustomed to my new job. Nevertheless to say, there are mistakes that I made along the way.

My confirmation is due on the 21st Monday and I've got a feeling that my boss will not confirm me. He's not too happy with my performance. He reviewed me last 2 months and he told me I did not improve. And boy was I right!

He called me in and told me that he will extend my probation for another 2 months.

I thought of looking for another job but I'm still thinking about it. It's not easy to look for a new job as jobs are now scare and I'm in my 30s. Most companies do not want to employ old cow like me, lol.

Besides, my resume will not look good if I do not stay with my current company for a year or so.

If you want to read more about me changing jobs, please read all my posting under the label:Company.

Ps. What will you do if you were me?


ShAKirA CHOONG said...

That is tough, Jessie. Do you think given 2 more months can get you confirmed? Have you have a pro active meeting with your boss so that you and him can straighten out HOW you can be confirmed? I wish you all the best.


reanaclaire said...

jessie, dont worry yet, let it come when it will.. come what may.. then only u decide what to do next... now u should not resign first..
like chinese saying, cannot work in north, then only go south.. right now, pray about it... :)

Sexy Jessie said...

Shakira:I want to be confirmed in 2months time! My boss will review my performances thus far after the Christmas hol.

Renaclaire:I'm tired of looking for another job. I've been praying hard for the move of job and I believed the Lord have provided this. I will definately lift this to the Lord.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Jessie, I was at Reanaclaire's noticed your interesting callsign, and busybody over.
Wow, you in Penang. I have always loved Penang, the food, the people and the lovely sarong kebaya Nyonyas, and especially dancing at the E&O.

With regards to your work, has your boss explained, discussed with you why he has problems in confirming you?
As well, have you check, analyses yourself the whys, what and ifs of your situation?

I have been a ahemmm, boss before, but I for one all those years never not confirmed anyone.
We all have our a boss, I look for your weakness, same time I look at your strengths....I then work on your strengths, improve your weaknesses.
Meaning, turning a problem into an opportunity.

Jobs are not easy to find, good jobs....and especially most offices wants 'papers' from your previous workplace....why not learn of your faults if any, improve on them instead of leaving?

Anyway, you know best. I wish you all the very best Jessie....and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas, best of Seasons greetings.
Best regards, Lee.

eugene said...

Somethimes we have to make it stick,,,if you know what i mean,,,

The Mrs Blogs said...

Jessie, just do your best at the job. If he still does not appreciate that then maybe you can start looking around for another job that would probably suit you better. Ask him which areas you should improve and let him know that you want to keep this job! Good luck.