Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank God, 2mrw is a holiday...

It all started with a scratchy throat on Monday, followed by a dry cough. Thought my throat was dried up due to the hot weather. Didn't bother about it.

Felt feverish on Tuesday but kept on working... On Wednesday, the fever still persists and the doctor gave me a MC. Took 6 panadols and slept but the fever did not subside.

My body felt so hot from the top to the bottom, had to take cold bath to subdue the hotness. Still felt feverish, I went to work the next day. Told my boss that I needed to take another day of MC. I finished up all the urgent work and took the half day off.

Went to see the same doctor. She took my temperature and she told me that was no fever. Damn the fucking thermometer! At the time, my fever could have subsided because of the panodol I took this morning.

But anyhow, she gave me another day of mc. And now I can rest more so that my body will fully recovered for my weekend activities.

Thank God, tomorrow is a holiday, I can rest more.

Ps. Please take more fluids and avoid hot fried food as this hot weather could be hazardous to your health! Take care.


eugene said...

Rest well sister,and tomorrow is a holiday it is even better for you,,,

hey,i received some funny comments in my 16th of Dec posting,i guess he is only expressing himself,,,lah

i was kind of saddaned by it but now it is ok,,,,,

Sexy Jessie said...

Eugene: I went and read your Dec 16posting. You sure got bombarded left and right from some people who do not like you.

I got the same angry feeling when I'm waiting for my bf each Sat. Got the stomach grumbling... And he always text me to take light food before he comes.

You don't have to be uptight each time your stomach grumbles. Anyhow, there's always maggi mee...

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

You take good care of yourself, Jessie. My daughter ,Jasmine is having the same thing but she is getting better.Health is Wealth.Take care, dear.

Eugene : So sorry I cannot do more. If only we can face these guys in persons, that would be fun, eh? do what? have tea! lol. just take it easy , you did very well.proud of you!

Kelvin said...

u ok now?