Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can have Sex at this age?!

When comes to marriage, age doesn't matter as a fact-ly in this century. One can get married at the age of 40 especially for women as long as she will be able have many sex with her husband.

That's what part of marriage is for, right? Have many sex with your spouse!

In Penang, Samuel Goh, 70 married his 2 years sweetheart, Sim Ang Choo, 64 on Dec 11,2009. This is the first marriage for both of them. They are the residence of Penang Silver Jubilee Old Folks Home.

I just wonder, can they consumerate on their wedding's night? If they do, I think they will be using lots of lubricant.

Eeewww, it's like your grandparents are having sex!

Ps. What do you think?


chubskulit said...

hahaha, the question is... are they both virgin?

Yup, were in WV now, not in our home yet though.. We are staying at my FIL till holiday is over.

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

You are so CUTE, Jessie! you said, lots of LUBRICANT and some GADGETS may help huh??? Been missing you at my blog, Jessie.

eugene said...

Ok,,,, sex is the many splendid thing, you dont need lubricant to get it going, sex is about hugging,between two people in love.


have a great week sister

Sexy Jessie said...

chubskulit:Don't know for sure whether they are virgins, I leave it to your imagination. Lol...

Shakira:I think I need lubricant and "gadgets" when I'm at that age.

Eugene:Sex is abput more than hugging, the physical part we need the most.

Kelvin said...

Oral loh.

The Mrs Blogs said...

LOL I agree with Eugene, if they can't have sex, then I think they'll be happy with just cuddling and kissing :)