Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My youngest brother's wedding...

I was down in KL for my youngest brother's wedding last Sat. Went and stayed at his new house in Bandar Utama. Lol, this is the first time that I seen his house.

My uncle and his family came to visit my brother before his D-day. Chatted with my uncle and my cousin which I've not seen them for a long time.

After they left, I went for a quick dinner at Secret Recipe. Most of the shops have been closed except Secret Recipe.

Helped my brother to packed last minute ang paus and went to bed at 2am. My mother was still busy boiling tea for the tea ceremony. Supposed to wake up before 8am to sent my brother off to his new wife's home, but I was still in dreamland....

I woke up at 9am and waited for my relatives to come. Slowly my aunt, uncles and cousins came. The house was full with their noises. Wedding time is one of the best time to catch up with them. Some of them I've not seen for 5 years or so.

Finally, my brother and new sister-in-law came after waiting for 2.5 hours. After welcoming by my parents into the house, they ventured to the new bedroom. My little nephew rolled and jumped in the new bed of the newly wedded.

This is a traditional which practises in the Chinese custom which by jumping on the bed brings more luck of conceiving sons for the wedded couple.

Next come the tea ceremony and giving of angpaus and gold accessories.

After that, we adjourned for lunch.

I barely rested for half an hour and is time to get ready to adjourn to the hotel. In KL, we need to leave an hour early to our destination to avoid traffic jam.

I didn't know that my brother have not register his marriage yet. The marriage registration was to held at the hotel at 6pm. Guess that my brother prepared all this to be done under one roof on the same day to avoid inconveniences.

The marriage registration was done in a simple manner attended by both parents, relatives and friends. After some light wine and cupcakes, all of us adjourned to the banquet hall.

There, my cousins and I started to get busy. We are assigned to be registrars and to collect angpaus. After sending all the guests and relatives in to be seated, food were served.

Food was quite delicious except some dishes were being tasted salty. I was seated with my father's cousins. And this is the first time, I've got to know who they are. Like I said, wedding do bring long lost people together.

My brother gave me a surprised by serenading a love song to his wife. He's never a stage person, but for the love of his wife, he did that. It was so romantic. Too bad I can't post the video here.

After tossing of many yam seng, dinner ended at 10.30 with the last guest leaving. Then, to the counting room. With the help of my cousins, counting of the angpaus was swift and fast. Monies were balanced and the banquet was paid.

Everything was wrapped up and by the time, I reached my brother's place was

Though it was a really busy and tiring day for me and my family, it was a worthwhile time to celebrate and welcome my new sister-in-law.

Ps. Will try to upload photos of his wedding after he's back from his honeymoon.


The Mrs Blogs said...

Awww so sweet. Yes Jessie do post up some pics here to show us :)

chubskulit said...

Congratulations to your brother Jes. I'm looking forward for your wedding bells hehehe..

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Jessie! Thanks for sharing. Miss seeing you at my blog.

reanaclaire said...

yes, anxious to see your pics as an angpau collector.. hahhaa..
anyway, congrats to your bro.. hope he will have a smooth journey in marriage...

eugene said...

I want more kahwin kahwin punya pictures,,

ladyviral said...

congratulations to your brother on his wedding :).

gab's mom said...

hey congratulations and best wishes to your brother and sister-in-law. =)

p.s. thanks for the advice and concern that you left at my blog. gab is better now. i hope he fully recovers soon. thanks again.

Sexy Jessie said...

Thanks guys for your visit and comments.

It's like I'm sharing part of my life even though I have not meet all of you. Appreciate you guys.

Chukskulit:My wedding??? Will be a long time soon, but it will definately happen.

Rocks said...

Congratulations to your brother and his wife!! That was a lovely picture :)