Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navigator or being Navigated?

When I'm behind the wheels, I'm in control. From Monday to Saturday, I drive to work and on Sunday to church. I have the freedom of driving without being told of directions and the look out of other vehicles around me. Because my only passenger is my sister, after all these years, lol.

Once in a while, I will drive my girlfriend. Sometimes, she will complain that I do not how to drive when I took the wrong direction. She even commented about my bad parking. Hey, I got to be careful not to knock into other's car when I'm parking! Sometimes, I let her drive my car just to shut her mouth up!

There were once I drove my ex-boss to Pizza Hut. Once he got into my car, he started giving me instructions. I knew that he will be babbling all the way and I told him to shut his mouth up! It's me who's driving, not you, I continued. He kept quiet all the way.

The only time I'm not driving is when I'm out on a date with my bf. I will help him to look out for directions and other vehicles, asking him to be careful.

Guess I'm totally a different person behind and off the wheels.

Ps. Do you like to be told or do you tell when you're driving?


reanaclaire said...

as for me, no more instructions thrown at me.. instead i m the one giving to my sons! yeah, i better shutup when i m beside the wheel.. will hang on and grip harder to the handle of the door instead.. lol..

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

I believe that THE DRIVER should be trusted and respected. Just like when I take a taxi. I do not say much once I am sure they know where I need to go.I do not like people commenting about my driving as it makes me very irritated. Overall, I think no one is perfect so, we do not need to critic too much,right?

Sexy Jessie said...

Rena and Shakira, I couldn't agree more of what had been said!