Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To All Mothers

Every year the 2nd week of May, a special day to remember and commemorate mothers' worldwide.

This is the day when we children utter our love by giving them special gifts, taking then to a fancy restaurant or even husbands take their turn taking over their wife's roles.

Without them, we will not exist;
Giving us unconditional love;
She was our confidante;
She knew our first love, first job, marriage, first unborn child;
She was there through our happiness, success and failure;
She was the one who up early in the morning to prepare breakfast;
She was the one who makes sure that lunch and dinner are on the table;
She was our nurse, teacher, friend, cook, laundry and cleaning lady;
She serves her husband well;
She defends us when dad seems not to be on our side;
Even though, she grew to be a grandma, she began to pour her unconditional love to her grandchildren;
She makes sure that her children are treated with love and utmost respect;
She taught her children to be useful in the society;
And lastly she loves all her children with all her heart till death.

Let's not take this day just to love our mothers; love her everyday for the rest of our lives!

Ps. Mummy, just like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I love you and let me love you everyday.


Lindz said...

true Jess... ako dito, driver na, yaya pa, teacher na caretaker pa at lahat lahat na talaga..

The Mrs Blogs said...

Touching post, what's your plan? My mom's in Siam Reap (taking a break away from her monkeys, hehe) so I can only give her gift tomorrow.

Lindz said...

Jess I apologize I thought you're a pilipina... how are you?