Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marriage and Infidelity

What had happened to marriages nowadays? News of infidelity and divorce are high on the rise. 6 out of 10 marriages have failed, even my own family have two divorce cases.

What happened to the promises and wows they made before marriage? Through sickness and in health, richer and poorer and till death do us part?

Do we tend to be put on a mask on ourselves for our partners while courting? I think that most of us does this. And do we turn to monsters after married?

Breakup of marriage tends to involve lots of issues. It could be infidelity, lack of communication and understanding, trust, nonacceptance, financial, family crisis and other issues related. Or maybe the love for each other just stop. Is it possible?
The worst of a divorce is when children are involved and they suffered the most.

Not all marriages will break up. Kudos to my parents and my godbrother whom their marriages are still loving and strong till today.

I still have qualms of being married. I want to marry my boyfriend someday, but news of divorce cases really scares me. Putting marriage on whole for a while but I'm planning to get married in 2 years time.

Hope by then, I'm ready to face this new life with a greater challenge with my new husband.

Ps. My sister's colleague, her marriage problem which I've posted under Men-Silent Treatment blog could not be saved. She found out that her husband is having an affair.


gab's mom said...

you're right about the scary news and realities of failed marriages. i hope that we will be counted in the stats of successful marriages. :-)

orange said...

nice . . and have fun

Lindz said...

it is quiet alarming isn't it? we are the ones who makes choices for our life so it is up to us how make our marriage work...

The Mrs Blogs said...

I agree, that it's entirely up to a couple to make a marriage work. There's no fast rule on what should be done but it's entirely up to that individual to learn each other's strength, weaknesses and the art of comprimising.