Monday, May 18, 2009

Technology Wanders

Finally, after 3 months of waiting, I managed to see my boyfriend. We were apart for the last 3 months since I last saw him. All the while, we just communicate over the phone, my boyfriend is currently working and residing in the States.

But through the wanders of technology, we managed to see each other yesterday night.

After weeks of pestering from him asking me to get a web cam, I managed to get one last week. I've got a logitech web cam which is affordable and downloaded skype 4. It took a good half an hour to connect thro web cam video call, but we didn't give up. After being connected, we chatted for another 40 mins, using our mobile phones over the web cam, lol. His headset is not compatible, he better get another head soon for this weekend, or else...

Now, I really look forward to Sunday nights, just spending an hour with him.

Ps. Kudos to those who engineered this technology, bringing people closer from thousands of miles apart.

Ps. I will try to snap a shot of my boyfriend next time and post.

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The Mrs Blogs said...

Agreed - the wonders of technology. You must be so happy :) Yes do post a shot of your bf and you next time :)