Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Men-Silent Treatment?......

Just picture this and let the scene roll in your mind. She's a woman with many hats to wear. She's a career woman, wife to her husband and mother to her children. Even though she's a busy career woman, she make sure to finish her task at home at the end of the day no matter how tired was she.

She has great communication with her husband by being a great wife, serving him and loving him physically and mentally. Together with her husband, she's building a family with full of love, care, trust,faithfullness,integrity and unity. But lately, things start to change 2 weeks ago.

Her husband starts to disclose her in his everyday conversation. He starts to sleep apart from her, he couldn't care less of the welfare of his family. She prompted what's bothering him and he just answered that she didn't understand him. He has given her the silent treatment.

She's my sister colleague, I known her quite personally and she's married to her husband for 10 years. My sister and I were complementing whether her husband is having an affair; (our first thought was this), and the second think financial problem. We even thought maybe her husband is facing a mid-life crisis.

Yesterday, both of them made love after many days of abstained. After their session, her husband slept apart; she was hoping to rekindle back by making love with him. She really felt bad and devastated. Until today, she's cracking her head to understand her husband's mysterious behaviour and rekindle her marriage.

P/s Men out there, do you sometimes react this way? Why the silent treatment? How can we woman find out the reason?

Pls enlighten us, women folks.


The Mrs Blogs said...

You know what, it's not an easy task being a married working lady. But we do it anyway :))

I think the best would be for her to ask him directly what's bothering him. She needs to approach him in a gentle loving manner, tell him 'i love you very much, and it hurts to see us like this, can we talk about this' usually this work - you need to soften him up, don't shout/scream but just have a chat, heart to heart.

Hope she'll be able to find out what's been bothering him. 10 years is long! Update us Jess!

Lindz said...

it's interesting because inn the philippines it's the other way around, it's the women that are usually give the men a silent treatment... we dont for sure what makes this guy treat his wife like that, but i think that it'll just pass.

sexyjessie said...

Hey Cas, it's been confirmed the smarriage can't be saved. Her bastard husband is having an affair and she adamant of leaving this marriage.

The Mrs Blogs said...

Gosh that is sad news. Hope she stays strong.