Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got some extra $$$ !

For the last few days, everyone were whispering in my office, asking among ourselves, the question and wondering. "Are we going to receive our bonus before CNY?"

The only least person we asked is our boss, ha, ha. Doubt she will let us know. So there were many guessing game going around. And on last Thursday...

My colleagues came back from the bank after checking their bank statements. Most of them were beaming while some just kept to their themselves. Yeap, bonuses were debited into the month's salaries.

I was asking myself whether I received my bonus. I might not receive it as I just joined my company less than six months.

The next day, I went to the bank and updated my savings book and there was an increment of a few hundred ringgit. Yeap, I do receive it and confirmed with my pay slip given, there was also a slight adjustment in my salary.

Ps. Extra cash to splurge or save. Are you happy with the bonuses you received?


sriyany said...

I just got a CNY bonus - just a couple of hundred. The surprising thing is I just joined the company a week ago! :D :D

sexyjessie said...

Sriyani:Same like me. Well, at least you got some extra cash to splurge.

Happy holidays!