Monday, April 13, 2009


I was curious to know about being tagged and I was tagged by Womanspeaks recently. It was fun by answering most of these questions posted.

So, I will tag some of my fellow bloggers.

1) What was the last book you read?
2) How many handphones you have changed?
3 What was the most expensive gift you bought?
4) When was the best day in your life?
5) What is your favourite cheese cake?
6) Are you a coffee addict?
7) Do you take bread for breakfast?
8) Do you blog everyday?
9) Do you have spare cash for emergency?
10) What type of people you despise?
11) When was the last time you call your parents?
12) When was the last time you spent qualify time with your family?
13) Can the economy be recover end of those year?
14) Is the government in your country delivering their promises?
15 What do you think of today's society?
16) When was the last time you have a good laugh?
17) What makes you sad?
18) When was the last time you say "I love you" and to whom?
19) To whom did you give a hug the last time?
20) How many pair of shoes you own?

I;m tagging womanspeak, SHY, genna, almacafe, Abraham, Cas, Hari, Eugene.


MsRay said...

Thanks for the tag, SexyJessie :)

The Mrs Blogs said...

Jessie, I will reply your tag this week on my bloggie :)