Saturday, April 25, 2009

Am I A Racist?

I was having a nonchalant conversation with my apartment's resident about the running of the management. We were talking about the upcoming resident's AGM; there was an ongoing conflict and unhappiness about the current management.

There are some of them who couldn't agree of letting the other darker race to run the management because the population is 99.9& the fairer race.

Most of the time, we think our own race have the superiority in all things. We tend to categorise them and judge their weaknesses before we manage to see our weakness. We are selfish and prideful thinking that we will run the world nevertheless the other races will think likewise.

We are thought not to hate other races when we are growing up. Remember the muhibbah spirit? It's easier said than done!

I too admit that there are times I hated and despised the other races because of the unfairness and the unequals I received.

But we just go to learn and accept each other's races, mindset, flaws and cultures. If we are able to accept our own superior race, why can't we accept others?

P/s After all, underneath our skin color, outflow the blood are all the same.


Lindz said...

minsan kahit hindi aminin meron talagang racist kahit saan... sometimes they feel like being discriminated in every little thing kasi asiwa lang naman tayo sa isat isa human lang kasi tayo eh..

eugene said...

I really like your writing under the P/S colummn, sorry very fucking true